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Our Cause is to Transform Lives and Give Hope...

….by breaking the cycles of poverty, homelessness, and addiction.  Our goal is to transform lives by proclaiming Christ, bridging service gaps, creating networks, and building community through a relational approach.  We envision a place where ministries, community agencies, non-profits, and churches can come together in a comprehensive effort to help those in need.

By Transforming a Building...

….so we can preserve the heritage of past generations, while offering hope for present and future generations.  The Simon Kenton building served as an elementary school from 1974 until 2013.  Now, purchased by Bridges of Hope from the City of Xenia, this remarkably adaptable 39,000 square foot building – still in reasonably good condition – and 12 acres will be transformed into a Hub of Hope to once again serve our community.

To Create a Bridge of Hope...

….that will transform Simon Kenton into a community ministry hub that will connect those in need to life-enriching services.  Once completed, the facility will also serve as an active community center for volunteers looking for ways to serve their neighbors and their community.   At Bridges of Hope, we can work together to transform Xenia and Greene County, one life at a time!

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