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We are excited to be in the middle of our winter season, with doors opening each night to house those without homes.  We are open each night from 6:00 pm to 7:00 am.  

As part of our shelter program we provide both dinner and breakfast to our guests while they are with us.  They also have the option to do chores around the shelter to earn Shelter Bucks to spend on resources such as extra clothing, toiletries and other sundries they might want.  Several evenings each week people or ministries from the community come and provide Life Classes that teach basic life skills, recovery support, Bible studies, etc.  We also help those of our guests who need to get their Birth Certificates, Social Security or ID Cards, walk through the process required by various agencies.  We have been pleased to help many of our former guests walk through getting housing in the area as well!  

We are also excited about how we have been able to use the abundance of land on our property.  This past summer we had a successful garden program and were able to provide food for our kitchen, for many of our guests to grow their own food, as well as sharing the excess with fellow ministries and individuals in the community.  Thanks to a grant and generous donations the garden team planted a plethora of fruit and nut trees on the property that will ensure fresh fruit and nuts for Bridges for years to come!

We are hoping to be able to stay open through out the summer this year, but it is contingent on funding a new sprinkler system for the whole building.  Our occupancy DEPENDS on getting this done!  We are excited to be well on the way to funding the system, thanks to a matching grant from the State.  If you would like to donate towards this, click HERE for more information


We hope to offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of those affected by poverty, homelessness and the consequences of addictive behaviors.  Programs and services will be dependent on the ministries and other service organizations who partner with Bridges of Hope.  Our mission is to become a Hub of Hope for those affected by homelessness, poverty and the consequences of addictive behavior.  

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