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Invite a Group to Join You

Invite family members, friends, teachers, classmates, youth groups to join you for your One Night Without A Home Event.  Set up your sponsor pages and send out letters, emails or texts asking your circle of friends to support your efforts to raise funds during your Night Out.  Consider contacting your local newspaper or community page to feature a story on your event.

What to Bring

There are many forms of homelessness.  Some homeless sleep in their cars each night.  Some crash on the couch or floor of a friend or family.  Some sleep in a tent in the woods.  Some do not have even this and sleep in a box or whatever they can scrounge to keep out the cold.  Consider this as you prepare for your One Night Without a Home event.  Sleep on your living room couch or floor.  Sleep in your car.  Perhaps even sleep in a tent or in a large box.  Most homeless have a sleeping bag of some sort that has been given to them by a charity.  It will be cold on the night of the event.  Be sure to be safe, even as you simulate what a homeless person might be going through.  Choose the situation that works best for you or your group.

Be Informed about the Homeless

Bringing a fact sheet or information about homelessness in Greene County is a great way to start a discussion in your group about how Bridges of Hope is responding to poverty and homelessness in our community. Check out our website HERE and also information about our county HERE.

Talk about What You Learned

If you are a youth or church group, set aside some time for discussion about hunger and homelessness in your community. Provide paper and pencils for people to jot down their ideas about how they can continue to support Bridges of Hope Shelter in their fight against homelessness, poverty and the consequences of addictive behavior in Greene County.

Bring a Donation Basket

Check out our donation pages on the website HERE and ask your group to bring specific items to donate to Bridges of Hope along with their financial contribution to this fundraiser.  Encourage them each to create their own fundraising page as well and raise funds in support of Bridges of Hope.