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One Night Without A Home

What would it feel like to experience a night with no roof over your head?  To sleep the way those without heat and bedding and common comforts sleep.  It’s estimated there are more than 250 homeless people in Greene County, though it’s hard to get a true count as many stay hidden.  Many of these stay in small tents on whatever open land they can find.  Would you be willing to spend just one night out in the cold?

On any given night here in Xenia, Bridges of Hope’s Shelter is actively working to house up to 50 people who are homeless, guiding them to gain the skills necessary to maintain long-term housing and independence.  Our mission is to be a hub of hope for those experiencing homelessness, poverty and the consequences of addiction.  Our shelter is one aspect of fulfilling this mission. 

One Night Without A Home is an event aimed at raising funds for the ministry of the Bridges of Hope as well as drawing awareness to the topic of homelessness in Greene County. Participants will give up their warm beds for a night to get a glimpse of what homelessness is like.  You can choose to sleep on your couch, living room floor, in your car, in a tent outside or even under a tarp.  These are all ways to help identify with the homeless population that Bridges of Hope serves.  Set up your own fundraising page and have your friends and family sponsor your event!

Check out the tools below to find out what you will need to host your own One Night Without A Home to benefit the Shelter at Bridges of Hope!