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Bridges of Hope has an overnight shelter for guests who need a temporary place to stay.   If you need help finding housing, recovery services, or other resources, you may get an appointment during our DayHub hours.  

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We are always in need of various items to suplement our supplies, pantries and clothing stores.  Check out our list of needs and see if you can help!

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BOH is completely dependent on the private donations of individuals, churches, and organizations to fulfill both operational expenses and special projects.

open daily from 8AM to 6PM

DayHub Services

Helping our guests heal, get reconnected with the community, and get back to being the best versions of themselves.

Bridges of Hope

Stability, Engagement, Community

Homelessness has many faces.  We often think of the homeless as addicts or the mentally ill.  But a big percentage of American homeless are just people who have had bad things happen to them and are unable to pay their rent, lost their jobs, or were abused and ran away. 

In our shelter we have had a dad who had to choose between paying rent or his child support – he chose his children and came to stay with us.  We’ve had an abused young man who just turned 18 and could finally leave home.  There have been women who just can’t make ends meet with their low paying jobs.  Veterans who are struggling with PTSD and can’t settle back into life at home.  Disabled men and women with no one to turn to.  Without a home they have to sleep outside in their car, in a tent somewhere hidden, maybe on a friend’s couch, or even a makeshift lean-to. 

Instead, Bridges of Hope allows these men and women to come into our shelter and have time to regroup, start over, have a CHANCE.  We seek to end the cycle of homelessness in Greene County by providing time, engagement, and relationships, which in turn strengthens our community as a whole. 

Food, Shelter & More

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