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This winter we were able to open the shelter for overnight stays for single men and women under a temporary occupancy granted by the county.  We provided over 100 different people with a warm bed to sleep in, a hot meal each night and the opportunity for a shower.  Along with our staff, over 120 volunteers helped us hosts guests throughout the nightS, provided meals and also gave time helping guests get their laundry done at a local laundromat.  Gifts of food, clothing and other sundries from the community provided us with everything we need to keep our guests warm and fed.  

Our temporary occupancy has now ended and we are working through the summer to do the remodeling and updates needed to be able to open the shelter full time in the fall as well as providing space for various other entities to come and be part of the process of helping each person find housing, work and freedom from addiction.  We hope to be able to do some summer programming in which we can continue our relationships with our guests and help them continue on their journey to freedom.  



We hope to offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of those affected by our cause.  Programs and services will be dependent on the ministries and other service organizations who partner with Bridges of Hope.  Our mission is to become a Hub of Hope for those affected by homelessness, poverty and the consequences of addictive behavior.  

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