Shelter Phone: 937-708-8053

Invite a Group to Join You

Invite family members, friends, teachers, classmates, youth groups to join you for your One Night Without A Home Event. Consider contacting your local newspaper or community page to feature a story on your event.

What to Bring

Be mindful of what you bring. Keep in mind the situation that you are simulating; do not bring any objects or goodies that those without a home most likely lack. Do not bring cell phones, laptop computers, iPads or portable radios. Stay away from having pizza delivered. For college groups, alcoholic beverages are not allowed.  A good rule of thumb to use is if you cannot carry it all on your back, do not bring it to your event.  Most homeless people who do not have transportation have to carry all their belongings with them in a backpack or garbage bag.  Think about this as you prepare for your night out.

Be Informed about the Homeless

Bringing a fact sheet or information about homelessness in Greene County is a great way to start a discussion in your group about how Bridges of Hope is responding to poverty and homelessness in our community. Check out our website HERE and also information about our county HERE.

Talk about What You Learned

Set aside some time for group discussion about hunger and homelessness in your community. Provide paper and pencils for people to jot down their ideas about how they can continue to support Bridges of Hope Shelter in their fight against homelessness, poverty and the consequences of addictive behavior in Greene County.

Bring a Donation Basket

Check out our donation pages on the website HERE and ask your group to bring specific items to donate to Bridges of Hope along with their financial contribution to this fundraiser.  Encourage them each to create their own fundraising page as well and raise funds in support of Bridges of Hope.