Shelter Phone: 937-708-8053

Programs at Bridges of Hope

Stability  |  Engagement  |  Community

Providing MUCH-NEEDED Services to Our Guests

Shelter & DAyHub Programs

Addiction Recovery
Mental Illness Aid
Job Search Help
GED Training
Legal Support
Life skills groups
Resume writing
Art classes
City Cleanup Team
Housing Applications
General Case Management
Chapel services 7 days a week
3 meals a day

If you are interested in volunteering to help with any of these programs, please contact us for more details!

Blessing our Guests day by day

community involvement

We invite all community members to volunteer for various opportunities! Church groups, friends, families, and business teams are all welcome to serve by bringing meals, work groups, and many other ways! Check out our website for more info!

Become a financial partner by being a monthly giver! Gifts of $25 or more a month is an easy way to be involved throughout the year!

We are looking for partners to be a part of our residential build out! We are also interested in commercial partners looking to use some of extra space! Contact us for more details.

Need Help?

Bridges of Hope serves adults that are residents Greene County only.

Please be sure to have some proof of residency in
the county.


Who Can Come?

We are an adult shelter only. Families
with children under the age of 18 are
encouraged to contact one of our local
family shelters.

We do not accept Individuals who are on the national register of sex offenders.