Shelter Phone: 937-708-8053

About Us

Who we are and where we are going

Our Mission

To assist Greene County adults who are homeless by empowering them to heal body, mind, and spirit in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Vision

To see a community strengthened by lives transformed from homelessness to self- sufficiency through Christs love and community collaboration.

Our History

By transforming a building we can preserve the heritage of past generations, while offering hope for present and future generations.  The Simon Kenton building served as an elementary school from 1974 until 2013.  Now purchased by Bridges of Hope, from the City of Xenia, on September 12, 2017.  This remarkably adaptable 39,000 square foot building – still in reasonably good condition – was slated for demolition, but now it will once again serve our community.

The Bridges of Hope team began Phase 1 in the renovation of the Simon Kenton school building and in December of 2017 we were able to open an emergency overnight shelter in the gym area.  This will better enable us to evaluate, plan and continue to raise funds for the overall project while we provide limited help to those without homes. Our hope is to phase in services as resources allow and renovations are completed. With the temporary emergency shelter in place, we are working on fundraising to complete renovations that will enable us to use the entire building and enter Phase II.

Phase II of Bridges of Hope will add some exciting additional services, including a year-round shelter for the homeless — temporary housing for men and women. This will bridge a critical gap until they can gain transitional or permanent housing. Other renovations include roof work, HVAC, parking lot and exterior improvements, as well as increased operational support.

Finally in Phase III we hope to build new kitchen and dining spaces, administrative offices, as well as provide rooms and areas for other partners to work out of in service to our community.  Our dream to to create a Hub of Hope where those in need can come and “one-stop-shop” for the resources and skills they need to improve their lives.  

All of these services will necessitate major to comply with  ADA guidelines, and more as we continue work on the building. This phase of the program  will require major expense, so these changes will be  initiated only when funding goals are reached and the improvements can be made debt-free.  We pray that God will continue to smooth our path as we move towards the future.  

What We Do