Shelter Phone: 937-708-8053

Overnight Shelter Services Available

Bridges of Hope Shelter is open with the ability to safely house a limited number of guests each night.  Please call ahead if you are looking for shelter tonight:  937-708-8053.

I Want To Fill a Need

We are always in need of various items to suplement our supplies, pantries and clothing stores.  Check out our list of needs and see if you can help!

I Want to Volunteer

Whether it’s bringing a meal or hosting overnight, we need your help daily to fulfill our mission.

I Want to Help Financially

BOH is completely dependent on the private donations of individuals, churches, and organizations to fulfill both operational expenses and special projects.

Food, Shelter and More

Looking for information on what services we provide and our impact on the community?  Click through to see all the facts!

Goal Achieved! New Sprinkler System is IN!!

In March of this year Bridges of Hope was able to accomplish a long-awaited goal with the support of state & local funding!  They were finally able to install a much-needed sprinkler system in the old school building they have been using for an emergency homeless...

A Gift of Hope

As we approach the close of 2019, I continue to be amazed and gratified at the generosity and support of our community, and the way the God is using all of you to make a difference in the lives of people who pass through our doors.  They come from a variety of...

The Moment I Realized Homeless Were People Too

When you think of a homeless person, you think of them standing on a street corner begging for money. Some people give them the little bit of cash or change they have, or they put their heads down and keep walking. When you give them the little bit of spare change you...